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Willamette Valley Chapter
of the American Sewing Guild


Chapter Advisory Board

Willamette Valley Chapter of the American Sewing Guild Chapter

Advisory Board Elected Positions

Each officer is elected for a one year term.  The President may not serve more than four (4) consecutive years.  Terms run from January through December in a calendar year. 

The duties of the President include: preside over all meetings of the Advisory Board and of the membership; initiate and supervise, with the assistance of the Advisory Board, the planning of programs and projects and the implementation thereof; prepare, with the assistance of the Treasurer, the chapter's annual budget for approval by the advisory board; act as liaison between chapter members and National Guild Headquarters; and review the newsletter prior to publication.  The chapter President assumes overall responsibility for all chapter finances and operations.  A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Excel are necessary.

Janet Budiselich 1157 (JPG)Janet Budiselich

I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon. My mother taught me how to sew clothes, quilt, knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch and hand embroidery. I met my husband Matt while in high school, we were married the week after we graduated. We lived in Bend for 15 years where both of our children were born, daughter Adrienne is now 33, son Aaron is 27. I was involved with the Bend Chapter of an International volunteer group called M.O.P.S which stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers. I was the craft teacher/coordinator then the Coordinator of the Bend chapter. We moved to the valley in 1997.
I met Jan and Julie at an On The Beach Quilting Retreat. Several years later I was chatting with Julie at a fabric store and she invited me to the ASG machine embroidery meeting in Albany. After being involved with three local ASG groups in the Willamette Valley I became 1st Vice President for a year. Due to extended family issues, I chose to step down from 1st Vice President.
I enjoy quilting, sewing projects, machine embroidery and I am an avid gardener of mostly flowers. I have always enjoyed volunteering, organizing is in my personality and I enjoy working with a variety of different people. With the help and guidance of so many qualified ladies, I will do my best to learn and tend to the position of President of the Willamette Valley Chapter of ASG.

1st Co-Vice Presidents/Special Events
The duties of the 1st Vice President include: preside over meetings of the Advisory Board in the absence of the President and assist the President in carrying out the business of the Chapter and any other duties as requested.  A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel is necessary along with experience with both programs.  Special events duties include working with the Advisory Board to present fun and learning opportunities that meet the needs of chapter members; developing preliminary plans for an event and recommending plans to the CAB for approval; making arrangements for special event meeting facilities, food, equipment and personnel required for the event and evaluating the success of events.

Nancy Mandel 1st Co-
Vice President Special Events

I am originally from Portland. My husband and I have lived in Corvallis for 41 years and in our present home for 36 years. We recently had some remodeling done and after listening to us describe what we wanted the designer wrote down “Aging-in-place remodel”. We love the mid-valley and aging-in-place is what we plan to do.

My mother made most of the clothing my sister and I wore as kids. She kept all the scraps and later made them into quilts which we treasure. I learned sewing and hand embroidery from her and my grandmother.

I made a lot of clothing until one fateful week in 1982. That week our second son was born, we moved into a house with a large yard, and my husband started a new job. I was working full-time, so something had to go. Sewing came to a screeching halt. I took it up again soon after my retirement in 2007. Boy, had it changed! However, it is still fun.

Kathy HowaldKathy Howald - 1st Co-Vice President Special Events

I have been an ASG member for many years, first in St.Louis, Missouri, and now here in Oregon. After retirement I moved to Oregon in 2011 so I could be with my granddaughter and soon to be grandson. Now I have three grandchildren who keep me very busy but they also keep me sewing. In fact, they offer me many sewing challenges such as costumes with no pattern, but their mother started that with a wedding dress with no pattern. I hear a lot of “Grandma can you make me this today and can I help?” and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Through the neighborhood groups I have learned many new skills, techniques, and challenges, but more importantly have met and made friends with truly wonderful people. I am looking forward to the new opportunities of learning, meeting new people, and the rewards of working on our community projects.

2nd Vice President/Membership Chairperson
The duties of the 2nd Vice President are: recruit new members; maintain a current list of all members in good standing; welcome new members and follow up with non-renewing members; publish a list of members; prepare mailing labels for newsletters and other chapter mailings.  Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is desired.  A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is necessary.

GenAnn Keller
I'm a retired teacher/librarian with network administration experience. I have always been a sewer because my mother would make fancy dresses for my sister and myself for all the piano recitals and school events. Our small town in Texas in the 50's and 60's did a lot of parades with floats and girls in fancy dresses and of course costumes for the rodeos. I remember her sewing special little bags to go over my finger when I broke the 4th finger joints (on both hands, not at the same time). As soon as we were old enough to sew hems or buttons she had us helping. I took Home Ec in HS and kept up throughout my life. My husband bought me a top of the line Pfaff when our daughter was born (40 years ago). What a dream that was to sew on. After I retired and moved to Eagle Crest in 2010 I discovered ASG through a neighbor and what a wonderful experience that has been. That same husband has now bought several more and built me a sewing cave in our attic. I sew mostly garments but have been known to make awnings, BBQ covers, and custom gloves for a handicapped person. There is always something interesting to learn.



The duties of the Secretary include recording, maintaining and distributing the minutes of each meeting of the Advisory Board, Chapter Annual Meetings and Election of Officers and to serve on the nominating committee.  Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is desired.  A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is necessary.

Wenona McMahill 

My first sewing fail happened when I was about 10 years old. My grandmother was teaching me to sew on her treadle Singer sewing machine. I was making PJ pants and sewed the 2 front leg inseams together and the 2 back inseams together. I was horrified and sure that mistake would end any further sewing I'd ever do, but Grandma insisted I take it apart and sew it together correctly. That happened over 65 years ago and I've been sewing ever since, having both fails and successes, making everything from children's and adult clothing to home dec to upholstering and anything in between. I've graduated from the dear old treadle to various mechanical and electronic machines to a super-duper electronic embroidery machine. My mother and grandmother would both be amazed and thrilled at the advances in home sewing.

I've acquired a husband, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild along the way. I've sewed for them all and still do. While attending college, I worked for Hancock Fabrics part time. There I met Cheryl Burleson who was also a new employee. I worked at Hancock's with Cheryl off and on in 1 or 2 year stints over the next 20 years, then began working there full time in 2000. I retired in 2005. I happened to meet Cheryl at Costco a few years later and she invited me to an ASG Sew and Sew meeting. I've been an ASG member since except for a brief period for health reasons. ASG has introduced me to many new friends and a whole array of sewing related learning experiences. I'm always eager for the new year because I know there'll be something new to discover related to sewing and being the chapter secretary will be an added adventure.

The chapter Treasurer is responsible for the funds flowing in and out of the chapter and keeping a good paper trail of this flow of money. The Treasurer deposits all checks coming into the chapter and writes checks to pay chapter expenses.  The Treasurer should use an accounting program such as Quickbooks to post all transactions. The Treasurer prepares financial reports for each CAB meeting summarizing chapter operations. She also prepares the following financial reports: a financial summary of each special event, an annual report for the chapter's annual meeting, and quarterly financial reports that are transmitted to the National office.  Each year, the Treasurer prepares the annual budget in conjunction with the President for approval by the CAB. The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining the financial paperwork and records in accordance with the records retention policy established by the National office.

Jane Moreland

My earliest sewing memory is asking my Mother how to put sleeves in a dress I was making for my eight inch Ginny doll only to be told that it was too hard, to just make it sleeveless. Now to my four-year-old mind that was a challenge and I was going to figure out how to make it work. From that memory and several early embroidery projects my Mother kept from my preschool days, it would appear that I got bitten by the sewing bug at a very early age.
There would be many more sewing challenges as I moved through every school sewing classes available and earned both a bachelor’s and master’s in the now obsolete field of home economics. I had dreams of working in a textile lab only to find that would probably require moving to the other side of the country which had little appeal. I never worked a day in the field but instead ended up with a career in accounting, for the last twenty plus years preparing the financial statements of the State of Oregon. While I am currently still working, the countdown to retirement can now be measured in months.
I have enjoyed the challenge of balancing billions of dollars to the penny but always look forward to relaxing with all things needle-related, hand or machine. While I started out mainly just making my own clothing, I later moved into home dec projects and quilting when my children decided that they were too old for hand smocked clothing. The latest skills I have been attempting to master are machine embroidery, how to take full advantage of my new machine, and wool applique’.
Although I was one of a small group that started the ASG Willamette Valley Chapter and served on the board for ten years, I was unable to be very active during my husband's extended illness. I have since become co-leader in the Clothes Encounters neighborhood group and also regularly attend the Sew Inclined group. I look forward to being able to attend many more sewing related opportunities in the future. I have found some of my best friends within the membership of ASG and look forward to meeting more. 


 American Sewing Guild Advisory Board Appointed Positions


Neighborhood Group Leader Coordinators
There is one NGLC for groups on the east side of the Cascades and two for groups on the west side.  These coordinators function as liaisons between the CAB and the neighborhood group leaders.  They help with planning and organization.  They assist in finding new neighborhood group leaders when necessary as well as keep NGLs aware of upcoming events in our chapter as well as other chapters in Oregon.  At times they provide moral support for neighborhood group leaders.

Jerry LindstromJerry Lindstrom
Jerry is the Neighborhood Group Coordinator for the eastern side of the state. She started sewing after finishing college because it seemed like a good idea.  She and her husband, Ken, were living in Concord, CA and Ken thought they might as well just throw the cost of a Kenmore sewing machine to the wind.  After moving to San Diego Jerry took classes at the Stretch and Sew store in National City.  She started teaching at the store while teaching high school during the day.  She and Ken moved to Arlington, VA where Jerry found a job at a Stretch and Sew before she found a place to live!  During the time in Virginia, she joined the newly-formed Northern Virginia Chapter of ASG.  Her day job required lots of travel so she had to stop working at a fabric store. 20 years later they moved back home to Oregon where she is able to be more involved in ASG and spends her free time fondling fabric in her sewing cave. Jerry enjoys teaching "Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine" through one of the stores in Bend; the classes are either part of Kids Camp or for adults.

Janell Bothe
Janell is the Neighborhood Group Coordinator for the western side groups.

I am a mother of four and a retired dental hygienist.  I have lived in Salem, Oregon for 45 years, but am a native of Oregon.  I love gardening, reading and hiking as well as my three grandchildren.  But my love of sewing is fairly new.  I learned about ASG from Tina Martin and Jane Moreland, who invited me to a Sew Inclined meeting and I have been hooked ever since.  That was in October of 2016.  I quickly joined ASG.  I served as CAB secretary for 2017 and 2018.  I am now taking the position of Neighborhood Group Coordinator for the North Valley and am looking forward to the new challenge.  

Support and Encouragement
This person provides support and encouragement to chapter members by sending cards and
/or notes to members as needed.

Clarice Gibb

Clarice Gibb
A Junior High teacher ended my sewing adventures before it even started until my Senior year in high school.  I wanted to make a Pendleton shirt for my boyfriend, forget the small stuff.  My mother was a great seamstress so with her help I accomplished the task, yes it fit and he wore it.  After marrying, my husband bought me a Singer machine, all metal in those days, which lead me to take several sewing classes at Chemeketa Community College.  My mother-in-law was also a good sewer using a treadle machine.

I've sewn a lot of things during the years, a suit for my husband, clothes for our kids and myself, bridesmaids dresses for both daughters' weddings, a wedding dress for my daughter and my jeans, to name a few.  If it fits under the pressure foot I'll try it.
I like working out of the box and using my imagination which usually gets me in trouble but hasn't stopped me yet!  So ladies put the treadle to the metal and expose your imagination. 

Newsletter Editor
The newsletter editor plans the newsletter production.  She/he confers with the chapter president and other CAB members to get articles and information.  She/he works with retailers to secure advertising.  The newsletter editor sends hard copies to each member of the Board of Directors and to National Headquarters and posts the newsletter on the chapter website as well as the National ASG website.  A computer with internet access and knowledge of Publisher is essential.

Jan Tallis

Jan Tallis
After Jan retired from teaching 4th and 5th grades in 2000, she took a quilting class at JanniLou Creations in Philomath and has been hooked on quilting ever since. Jan joined Marys River Quilt guild and Quilts from Caring Hands. The friendships from those groups led to the joining of ASG. She is a Neighborhood Group leader of Embroidery Explorers; she photographs all projects done by members and puts them into a scrapbook for all to enjoy. She also is an active member of Sunshine Stitchers and shares her knowledge by doing a presentation at least once a year as well as participating in all other activities.  Her husband, Terry, is an artist and an enthusiastic supporter of all her sewing activities.  They have a daughter, twin sons and 11 grandchildren. Jan is also the newsletter editor for both Marys River Quilt guild and Quilts from Caring Hands.

Website Editor/Web Mistress
The responsibilities of th
e Website Editor are: develop the chapter website; ensure the chapter president review the website for final approval; ensure content complies with the ASG, Inc. Chapter Web Site Policy (policies & procedures manual, pp.4-19); ensure the chapter website links to the ASG, Inc. website; propose changes in the host, style, use and major content of the chapter website to the CAB for approval; ensure the privacy of all persons shown or mentioned on the website; implement a procedure to update the website to keep content current. A computer with internet access and knowledge of the DASH and how to use it are essential. 

Marsha Minten

Marsha Minten 
If the old lace-up sewing cards for children count as sewing, then I started sewing before I started school. My first formal lesson on a sewing machine that wasn't my mother's 1930 Singer was in a 7th Grade sewing class that had just received brand new machines. And I proceeded to stitch through my thumb the first day of class. However, that didn't stop my curiosity for sewing nor was it my last "incident". Unfortunately, over the years, my work life lead me away from sewing. After 20 years in retail sales [remember Lipman's and Meier & Frank] I had a midlife wake-up and went back to school for Graphic Design. Even with the opportunity to do something creative every day, I really missed sewing and I had been looking for a charity sewing connection. These two things lead me to the ASG website and all the local Neighborhood Groups. I was very lucky to grow up surrounded by the talented women in my family, church, and community who were generous in sharing their love of sewing. The very first Neighborhood Group I attended felt just like home.

American Sewing Guild Neighborhood Group Leader

Volunteer Position

The neighborhood group leader is the group's guide. She serves as the contact person for the group, fields phone calls from interested members and non-members, and guides the pace and content of the meetings. She communicates the group's activities and concerns to the chapter's advisory board and communicates news from the board to the group.

But for all of this, the neighborhood group belongs to the members of the group and not to the leader.  She does not rule the group; she doesn't present all the programs; she doesn't make all decisions for the group without involving them.

Lots of groups have co-leaders or even tri-leaders.  One person might like to handle the running of the meeting, while another acts as the contact person and keeps the newsletter editor up-to-date.  There are also groups that have no designated leader----the jobs are split among the group.

Oregon, Willamette Valley Chapter
American Sewing Guild 
Standing Rules
Revised 2017


The following rules have been established by this Chapter as a supplement to the By-Laws and Procedures Manual set forth by the National Organization. The intent is to better clarify how our Chapter functions and to facilitate a more efficient operation of the Chapter Advisory Board. The President shall be the official representative of our chapter. Any other representation must have prior approval by the President and/or the Board.  

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Positions and Meetings

The Willamette Valley Chapter fills the following positions:
1st Vice President, Special Events and Education
2nd Vice President, Membership
Committee Chairs appointed by the board:
Community Service Coordinator  
Neighborhood Group Coordinator; East, North & South
Support and Encouragement
Newsletter Editor
Website Manager

All individuals in the positions listed are members of the Willamette Valley Chapter Advisory Board. A majority (6) of the members of the Chapter Advisory Board shall constitute a quorum. The approval of a majority of those members present at a CAB meeting shall be required to adopt any resolution or to decide any question.  Issues arising that must be decided between meetings may be voted on by an e-mail vote and would require unanimous approval.

The Chapter Advisory Board meets every other month beginning in January. CAB members may attend a meeting using electronic means.

In the event that any of the Officers or CAB members are unable to fulfill their term of office, a new Officer or CAB member shall be appointed by the Chapter President with CAB approval.

Two (2) consecutive unexcused absences from a scheduled Chapter Advisory Board meeting shall constitute grounds for termination from the Chapter Advisory Board.  Unexcused absences are defined as a CAB member who does not advise the president that they are unable to attend the meeting. Termination shall be implemented by a majority vote of the Advisory board.

All business correspondence must be submitted to the chapter president prior to distribution to the membership of the chapter.  This includes all notifications from the American Sewing Guild national office, including information sent to the chapter newsletter editor. Within the chapter, this includes all correspondence to the membership or Neighborhood Group Leaders, from the Neighborhood Group Coordinator, Special Events, or Community Sewing Project committee chairs.

Membership correspondence from the 2nd Vice President to Neighborhood Group Leaders, questions or replies from CAB members or committee chairs to individual members, Neighborhood Group Leader notifications to membership.
Fiscal Responsibilities
  1. President and Treasurer will prepare the incoming budget recommendation for the Chapter Advisory Board meeting in November.  This proposed budget is to be reviewed by both the outgoing and the incoming officers.  Budget revenue stream will be based only on the membership dues for the proposed budget year being considered. The final approval of the proposed budget will take place by vote of the newly seated Chapter Advisory Board's first meeting in January.
  2. The Treasurer, President and Secretary are authorized to sign checks.  All funds collected on behalf of the Chapter should be turned over to the Treasurer.  The quarterly accounting report shall be prepared by the Treasurer and reviewed and approved by the President.
  3. The Chapter Advisory Board will maintain a reserve fund of $5,000. Use of these funds needs to be voted on by the CAB and replaced as soon as possible. The CAB will review reserve fund balance on an annual basis.
  4. The Chapter will pay $750.00 towards the President's travel expenses to the National Annual Meeting and Convention.  This dollar amount will go to the president to offset some of the expenses of airfare, registration, and food.  Receipts must be presented to the treasurer with the expense reimbursement form prior to the chapter paying any of these expenses.  President will personally pay for any classes taken at conference.
  5. Fund other Chapter Activities as approved by the CAB including:

a. Provide an annual stipend to the neighborhood groups of $50.00. The request for the stipend may be in part or full, and received by the treasurer no later than December 10th. Neighborhood Group Leaders will submit their request in writing, specifying items purchased with attached receipts.  Monies can be used for group supplies, printing, postage, and supplies for the hosting facility or presenter cost. Toward the end of the calendar/fiscal year, if there is available budget for this line item, the stipend may exceed $50 for approved expenses, not to exceed $75 per Neighborhood Group.

b. In honor of Rita Hathaway, cash awards of up to $150.00 per year may be given to promote youth sewing.

c. Donation of $75 per year to “Make It With Wool” organization

d. Community service activities and supplies.

e. Pay for general operating expenses of the chapter.

f. Reimburse CAB members and other members for reasonable budgeted or pre-approved out-of- pocket costs.

g. Mileage reimbursement will be paid for chapter business travel, only. It will be paid at the current charitable rate upon submission of a reimbursement request form.

Nominating Committee

At the May CAB meeting, the current president will appoint the chair for the nominating committee from members of the CAB. The current president and the current secretary shall not be the committee chair. If all CAB members are running for election again, a nominating chair may be selected from the chapter membership. At the July CAB meeting, the chair will present names of members interested in running for office. Screening of potential candidates, and selection of nominees will be completed by early Sept.


The Annual meeting shall be held in the fall and may be combined with another event.  This meeting will be for the purpose of existing officers’ reports and electing the new CAB members who will begin their term in January.


A person interested in joining ASG may attend two (2) Neighborhood Group (NG) meetings before submitting application for membership and dues.  Benefits of membership include attending any NG meeting, chapter newsletter “Sew What's New in the Valley”, “Notions” published by National ASG, special events, discounts at participating retailers and sewing publications, and access to the Willamette Valley Sewing website.

Chapter members may place an ad for sewing related items or sewing related services once a year at no charge in the Chapter newsletter. Thefreead may be no more than twenty-five (25) words.  After the first twenty-five (25) words $5.00 will be charged for the next 1-10 words and after the first thirty-five (35) words a maximum charge of $15.00 will occur as a total charge of $20.00 for the ad.  All monies from ads are to be sent to the Newsletter Editor who will forward them to the Treasurer.


Chapter Meetings and Events
Our chapter may hold the following chapter wide events each year:
            Chapter Wide Community Sewing Project Day- Board appointed chair
            Annual Meeting/Fall Affair
            Spring Fling
            Sewing Retreat
            Summer Picnic
            Combined leadership meeting/training with CAB and NGL

The CAB may approve a refund up to 50% of the event fee; if the refund deadline has passed and the member cannot attend the event or leaves early due to unforeseen circumstances such as 1) member death or death in the immediate family (spouse, significant other, child, sibling, parent or grandparent) 2) hospitalization of the member or immediate family (spouse, significant other, child, sibling, parent or grandparent).
Eventsfor the most part should be self-supporting,however the CAB may vote to subsidize an event if;
  • Funds are available from prior years, either in the Operating or Program cash balance
  • Excess funds have not been budgeted
  • Reserve goals have been met

E-mail protocol
The sender's e-mail address should identify the sender.
Emails sent to multiple people will be sent using BCC (Blind copy) so as to protect the privacy of each recipient.
Emails will have ASG: in the subject line.
The senders first and last name should be in the closure of the message.
When forwarding a group message, delete any group names from the original message.
New Membership Procedure with the Chapter
Maintaining membership records for the chapter is the responsibility of the 2nd Vice President.  That officer will checktheASGNationalmembershipdatabase  each month to learn if new members have joined.

The 2nd Vice President will verify the new member information and upon completion will forward the information to the President. The President will send the new member a welcome e-mail and will send the new member information to the appropriate Neighborhood Group Coordinator.

The Neighborhood Group Coordinator will make contact with the new member to ask about sewing interests and to help them find a group to meet their needs.  The Neighborhood Group Coordinator will notify the identified Neighborhood Group Leader(s) of the new member.

The 2nd Vice President will update the master list and send the new member information to the Web Manager  who maintains the Chapter website directory.
The 2nd Vice President will prepare and send a new member packet which may include:
Welcome Letter
Name tag and holder
ASG membership pin
Copy of chapter newsletter
Copy of leadership listing for chapter

The Web Manager will prepare and send a letter to the new member providing the following information;
Address for the Chapter website
Their user name and password to access the private areas of the web site